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Lost Symbol:  Federal Sites


US Capitol Visitors Center,  Library of Congress, US Botanic Gardens, Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, Freedom Plaza plus other city sights. (visited and drive-by sites at the discretion of the guide based on availablilty of tickets/short entrance time for the US Capitol and Washington Monument).

For a number of reasons  it may not always be possible to visit the inside of the US Capitol and/or the Washington Monument due to a variety of problems such as unexpected closings, long wait times to enter the site or unavailability of tickets.  We regret the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause anyone. If there is a long wait time to see either the US Capitol or Washington Monument we will adjust the tour accordingly which might result in not seeing all the sites mentioned for that particular tour.  For the most part,  we do expect to have you see/or visit all the sites offered, but want you to be aware of the particular problems encountered for the US Capitol and Washington Monuments. We will be able to visit the US Capitol Visitors Center  without trouble., however.


Lost Symbol: Masonic Sites

George Washington Masonic National Memorial, House of the Temple, National Museum of Women in the Arts plus other city sights.


Lost Symbol Miscellaneous Sites Tour


Mount Vernon, International Spy Museum






AM:     George Washington Masonic Temple

Lunch on your own.

PM:     Drive by: US Capitol, Smithsonian Museums complex, Washington Monument, National Museum of Women in the Arts, House  of  the Temple and other city sights.

Visit: US Botanic Gardens,  Library of Congress, Freedom Plaza







AM: George Washington Masonic Temple, Mount Vernon.

Lunch on your own.

PM:  Drive by: US Capitol, Smithsonian Museums Complex, Washington Monument, National Museum of Women in the Arts, House of the Temple 
        Visit: US Botanic Gardens, Library of Congress,Freedom Plaza

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