The Lost Symbol Tour
Grab your copy of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol bestselling adventure thriller and come along with us for an adventure of your own!

Follow in the footsteps of hero Robert Langdon’s incredible adventures in Washington, DC as he searches to solve the mystery of the Lost Symbol, an object of ancient power that can unlock the hidden secret of the ages.


Presented by Gilt-Edge Luxury Tours and Travel, The Lost Symbol Tour features some of the venues that play a prominent part in this eagerly awaited novel by Dan Brown, the author of the mega best-sellers, The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons.


On the first day of release The Lost Symbol became the fastest selling adult market novel in history with over a one million copies sold on the first day.  By the end of the first week a total of two million copies had flown off the bookshelves in the US, Canada and United Kingdom.


In Europe tours of the sights mentioned in his other bestsellers, The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, have become very popular as people are prompted to experience for themselves the mystery and intrigue associated with the sites.


Washington, DC is no exception.  With its rich history of Masonic links to the founding fathers and the creation and ornamentation of many of our public buildings, The Lost Symbol opens our eyes to the true agenda behind the beginnings of our republic.


Gilt-Edge Luxury Tours and Travel is pleased to offer you a selection of tours of many of the sites referenced in The Lost Symbol. Perfect for groups large or small, The Lost Symbol Tours allow you  to get up close and personal with Washington, DC in a way you could never have imagined!

Please click on the  LOST SYMBOL TOURS page to review the tours offered, then send us a quick note to request a tour quote, or call us at 1-800-208-4113 to get started on an adventure of your own.


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Brief plot of THE LOST SYMBOL by Dan Brown

As our story open, Robert Langdon, the world's leading authority on Symbology, has been summoned to give a lecture in Natoinal Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol by his mentor, Peter Soloman, a 33rd degree Mason, who is head of the Smithsonian Museums complex.

What greets Langdon is an empty lecture hall and not a waiting audience. On his way out of the Capitol via the Rotunda he dicovers the severed hand of his mentor tattoed with the symbols from the "Hand of the Mysteries" illustration with the fingers pointing up to the Capitol Dome and the painting "The Apotheosis of Washington."

Langdon subsequently learns that  an international man of mystery named Mal'akh holds Peter hostage and demands that Langdon decipher the meaning of a lost symbol that can be used to decode the meaning of the Ancient Lost Mysteries located somewhere in Washington, DC.

To add to the mix of intrigue and drama, top CIA Director Inoue Sato makes an appearance with her crackerjack team and informs Langdon that Mal'akh also has in his possession  a secret videotape of Washington movers and shakers participating in secret Masonic rites and is planning on releasing them to the media unless his demands are met

Mal'akh sets a timetable of only twelve hours in which Langdon must find the Lost Symbol and present him with the decoded information. If not, Peter Soloman will die and a government brought down.

Langdon joins forces with Peter's sister, a Noetic scientist named Dr. Katherine Soloman, as the two battle the evil Mal'akh in a grim life and death battle played out against the backdrop of various govenment and Masonic sites  in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas.

Some of the sites where Langdon and Solomon find clues to the puzzle that will lead to the secet of the Ancient Source of Power demanded by Mal'akh include the following:

US Govenment Sites:

The US Capitol     The Library of Congress    The US Botanic Gardens   The Washington Monument  The Smithsonian Musuem Complex

                                                                                 Washington Cathedral

Masonic Sites:

George Washington Masonic Memorial    House of the Temple    Freedom Plaza   National Museum of Women in the Arts
                                                                                  Mount Vernon

So who is the mysterious figure known as Mal'akh who has gone to such incredible lengths to obtain the Secret of All Ages in such a brutal and terrifying fashion?

We don't want to give away the gripping conclusion of The Lost Symbol, so suggest that you buy the book and take the tour!

Will Langdon save Peter Soloman?

Will the Identify of Mal'akh be revealed?

Why is Mal'akh so desperate to retrieve the Lost Symbol and why does he want it so badly?

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